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Penne with a Puree

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In the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t a good sign that there is basically only one pasta-with-eggplant recipe on the internet. It comes from some Food Network host who I had never heard of before. But… I now have both a grill and a blender, and I was craving pasta. Yesterday I visited the old woman kitty-corner to my workplace for the third time. She recognized me and before I could say anything, she rose and grabbed a couple of eggplants that were sitting away from the main pile. Just for me?! I also bought cucumbers, green onions, and sweet potatoes, for a total of $1.50.

First I grilled some eggplant rounds with sliced tomatoes and walnuts. Then that stuff was pureed with cinnamon, mint, basil, and two bunches of greens I found at my amazing by-the-leaf supermarket greens department. One smelled like dead people but tasted fresh and peppery. The other looked like parsley but tasted like rot. Maybe I shouldn’t have put them in. Also, pasta water from my penne.

One good thing was how the puree clumped up inside the penne. Now I understand that penne and rigatoni are good for carrying sauces. The stuff wasn’t inedible, but it wasn’t good in any real sense. The parts with lots of Parmesan were good but Parmesan is like gold here so I couldn’t use a lot.

I did save the day food-wise by making a batch of caramelized onions. I noticed one onion was rotting so decided to do some preventative work. 3 onions, oil on the bottom, pat of butter and salt on the top, and a bit of ginger sliced up throughout. This was really fun and oh my goodness the onions are delectable. I used this recipe.

Soon I will try to make pasta.


Written by clace

September 26, 2009 at 6:42 am

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