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hey students what sound does a cow make?

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When I lived in Serbia this summer I barely ate anything aside from plums and dairy products. My host family had four cows but only one was producing milk at the moment. The 11-person household, including myself and another WWOOFer, was so large that we had to eat in shifts, yet that one cow produced more milk than we could handle. A typical breakfast or dinner consisted of bread, jam, shaved bits of dried meat, and: swiss cheese, soft cheese, herbed soft cheese, milk, sourmilk, butter, young butter, clotted cream, and yogurt.

This is basically what all my meals aspire to now. In Korea, yogurt is a little too expensive ($5 for 750 mL) for me to drink regularly, so I have decided to make my own dairy products. Cheese is a must because very little cheese is sold here. One day when I craved apples with cheddar I had to buy a packet of Kraft singles!

Yogurt: WikiHow

Labneh: WikiHow

Ricotta: Mock from ZenKimchi101 CookbooksWikiHow


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September 27, 2009 at 6:46 am

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  1. […] chemistry and that ricotta merely consisted of milk, acid, and heat. In addition to the recipes I linked to the other day, this from Eggs on Sunday is a good guide… even though my ricotta […]

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